Through the Breach, Into the Unknown

Journal of Dr. Thaddeus Sartorian - Foreward

Chronicle of the adventures of Dr. Thaddeus Sartorian in Malifaux

Have you ever had one of those days that changes your life forever? Mine was a Tuesday. That was the day that I received a journal from an old …acquaintance along with a very short letter. Jayceon Scarabius, a name that I hadn’t thought about in years (we’d lost touch after he moved back to Chicago to set up his practice). Hell. I hadn’t seen him since the Battle of Moonrise Canyon, back in the Cree Campaigns. I remember the arguments that we’d had about magical theory and the nature of spell casting. I was content to let such things lie in the realm of speculation, until that Tuesday anyways. That day I got the letter from Scarabius. It simply read; “I was right and you were not! I’ve included a slightly edited (I’ve changed some names and removed a few details) copy of my journal, give it a read and you’ll see. I’m into some things here and I want a record to remain should anything happen to me. I don’t figure that anyone would expect me to reach out to you, especially as I’ve always thought you to be rather pompous and arrogant. However, if you decide to make the trip yourself, stay away from me! I run in dangerous circles, if I see you, I’ll not acknowledge you.”
Unbelievable! JS sends me this letter and journal containing stories and hints of all sorts of wonders and then the SOB tells me to keep my distance! Well my good man, if you don’t want me to come knocking upon your door that’s fine. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But I’ll be damned if I’m not going to see all this for myself. If you were able to find employment with the Guild due to your medical skills, I’m sure that there will be others looking to find medical practitioners. Besides, you aren’t half the doctor that I am. Thus, I set about making preparations for my journey Breachside. Malifaux, here I come.



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